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                                        Hansen Couplings
1000 series one way shut off coupling One-way shut-off couplings (1000 Series)
3000 series one way shut off coupling One-way shut-off couplings (3000 – 6000 Series)
auto flo coupling Series auto-flo 23
HK 2 way shut off coupling Series HK 2-way shut-off couplings
straight through coupling Series ST straight-through couplings
PT series straight through coupling Series PT-S3 straight-through couplings

Hansen Couplings
HK coupling Series HK Couplings
series 2 HKIG HKIL coupling Series 2-HKIG and 2-HKIL
ring lock coupling 2RL & 3RL Ring Lock
HK Coupling Series 10-20 HK Couplings
96 series Coupling Series 96
100 Series Coupling Series 100
Minature ball lock coupling Miniature Ball Lock
interchange coupling 210 and 310 Interchange Series
600 & 700 Series Coupling 600 & 700 Series
Industrial Interchange Ball lock Coupling Industrial Interchange Ball Lock
Industrial Interchange Pin Lock Coupling Industrial Interchange Pin Lock
Auto Flo Quick Disconnect Auto-Flo 23 & 24
CC Series Quick Disconnect CC Series
DB Series Quick Disconnect Series DB
Flat Face Coupling Series FF
Flo Temp Coupling Flo-Temp
Full Bore Coupling Full-Bore Series
Gas Mate Coupling Gas-Mate
HA Coupling/Quick Disconnect Series HA 15000
P3 Plastic Coupling Series P2-ST and P3-ST
Straight Through Coupling Series ST
Two Way Shut Off Coupling Series WA 56000 and HP3
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